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05 June, 2006

Bye Bye Blogger

I've gone and gots me a nice shiny domain name with a warm, cozy account.

The Blogger site will not be updated anymore. See you on the real side.


02 June, 2006

Gamer Zen: Saint Mario of Nintendo

Patron saint of all gamers.

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01 June, 2006

Nintendo to Fund Alzheimer Research with Brain Age

Nintendo will be giving $1 from each copy of Brain Age (or Brain Training, according to the article) for the DS sold in Australia to Alzheimer's Australia, an advocacy group for those stricken with the condition.

It follows a similar route where Canadian retailer Zellers and the Big N teamed up to donate $1 to the Canadian Alzheimer's Society for every copy of Brain Age sold.

Neurosurgeons believe that one of the best ways to battle Alzheimer's is through congnitive stimulation, something Brain Age does quite a lot of.

It's nice to see some positive press about video games instead of the usual "sex and violence" angle.

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Gamer Zen: Arcade Graffiti

Awesome piece of wall art. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Q-Bert, Space Invaders... but where's the plumber?

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31 May, 2006

Wii Game Speculation Roundup for May 31, 2006

Bite-sized briefing on all the Wii game rumours, updates, and announcements which cropped up over the past 24 hours:

* We Got Screens: One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, Crossbeam Studio's Orb and, are you ready for this, buckets and buckets of HI-DEF Super Mario Galaxy screenshots. Get to viewin', padre.
(Via Codename Revolution)

*I'm really a sucker for quirky games. Wii Music Orchestrator will be no exception and will be quite high on my want list. So imagine how cool it was for me to see the legendary Koji Kondo swinging the Wiimote around in this YouTube video. He got 92 out of 100. I plan on besting that.

(Via Joystiq)

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Sony Invented 3D Graphics. Really.

"When we brought the PlayStation to the market in 1994, we introduced real time 3-D graphics for the first time."

Those are the words of Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide, who was defending Sony from accusations that they hastily tossed together motion control in their Dual Shock controllers to steal some thunder from Nintendo's Wiimote features.

Now, see, I learned something today. I really thought that 3D graphics were developed sometime before Sony, and had been pionneered by games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. I even thought that Star Fox on the Super Nintendo was a 3D game that came out before the PlayStation.

Huh, silly me. Shows you how much I know.

In fact, I actually did a little more digging and it turns out Sony is responsible for a lot of the things we take for granted. You might actually think someone else came up with it, but just as they were benevolent enough to bring us 3D graphics, here is a short list of stuff the folks at Sony are responsible for:

- Sony invented water
- Sony invented skintight swimwear
- Sony invented conga lines
- Sony invented the Internet
- Sony invented the fauxhawk as an acceptable hairstyle
- Sony invented corn chips
- Sony invented the Jerrold
- Sony invented glow sticks
- Sony invented kung-fu
- Sony invented the squib kick
- Sony invented humility

And I am sure there's more.

JUNE 1 UPDATE: There's a pretty good discussion going on over at the post's Digg entry, if you're interested. At all.

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Pac Man the conqueror

As Oklahomans brace for new legislation which will make it a felony to sell violent video games to minors, Republican representative Fred Morgan was tooting his success by reminding us that video games are not the lovey-dovey simple titles of old:
"We're not dealing with Pac Man anymore. These games allow players to take on the role of killers in some cases, allow players to steal money and kill prostitutes."
Pac Man, eh? It's quite interesting that one's choice of an icon for the good-heartedness of the golden age of video games versus the soulless games of today is a game which promotes imperialistic values.

Yes, imperialistic values. The game of Pac Man has always promoted imperialistic values.

It's not something which is blatantly obvious, which makes it all the more efficient as a weapon for social indoctrination, but if you put some thought into it you cannot deny its reality, especially in our current world political context.

Take the premise of the game: Pac Man is in a maze. We don't know why he's in a maze, nor do we know how he got there, but he wants to get out. Take an exit? Call in an airlift? No! Pac Man is way too entrenched for such a simple solution. Truly, the only way he can get out of the maze is by consuming all the dots.

What are these dots? Doubtlessly a highly coveted resource since Pac Man gobbles them up without restraint. He wantonly covers every inch of the maze to make sure the resources are his and his alone. This behaviour confirms that Pac Man is not native to the maze, as his eating them all makes him move onto another region we he begins consuming anew.

This invasive theory is also supported by the actions of the ghosts who are trying to keep Pac Man from devouring everything in sight. In fact, it is the ghosts who are the true natives of the maze, as shown by their quaint, established housing to which they regroup regardless how often they are defeated. Their zeal can only be equated to the most valorous of freedom fighters, trying to keep what's theirs from oppressive interventions.

But this resistance only emboldens Pac Man's invasive marauding, as he clear-cuts everything in sight, consuming every last available resource without shedding a care for the barren wasteland he leaves behind.

And us? We just accept the official story of his plight to exit the maze without asking questions despite there being so many unanswered ones: How did he get there in the first place? Why must he consume all resources to leave? What is his real reason for being there? We prefer to assume there is a righteous and just reason for him to use these tactics to escape the maze.

With so little public outcry, Pac Man has no reason to second-guess his actions and can only continue the charge without really being held accountable for destroying the natural way of life of the natives who inhabit the mazes.

Besides, so matter how often he is defeated, all he needs to do is pump in more money and he's back at it.

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Gamer Zen: Super Mario Bros Arcade Instructions

The instruction card which accompanied the Super Mario Bros. arcade game. The art on it is splendid. Also, no 20-page manual to explain how it works. Click on the image for a larger picture.

(Via The Pinny Parlor)

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30 May, 2006

Wii Game Speculation Roundup for May 30, 2006

Bite-sized briefing on all the Wii game rumours, updates, and announcements which cropped up over the past 24 hours:

*Miyamoto made the whole thing true by confirming it to MTV: you will be able to paste your own face on the Wii Sports characters. Isn't that something. I HOPE that it's not a pixel editor like the Animal Crossing pattern maker. I don't have patience for that kind of thing. But, since the Wii is equipped with USB ports, I'm comfortable in believing that the console will be able to yank photos off digital cameras or flash cards or something.
(Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy)

*We Got Screens: Pristine pics of Link and company as we patiently wait for Twilight Princess.
(Via Codename Revolution)

*Cubed3 has dug up the wild and nutty idea that with all this talk about the Wii and fishing, there might actually be a fishing game on the way. Now that's that I call casual!

*Has the launch date been leaked? Will there be Wii goodness on October 2nd? According to the gang over at TVG, a leaked listing coming right out of retailer GameStop's headquarters has a set of Wii-bound games on tap for October 2nd. They are: Rayman Raving Rabbids, Avatar: The Last Airbender and SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab. Of course, EB Games has Twilight Princess (a launch title) still listed at November 1 and my own guy at Toys R Us told me he was expecting his Wii consoles in June. The moral: retailers are probably the least reliable source. Besides, it isn't that much of a leak, since EB Games has Rayman Rabbids listed on October 2nd as well. Nevertheless, time will tell!
(Via Codename Revolution)

*And to finish it off, that Super Swing Golf Pangya commercial your neighbours have been talking about:

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Past Games vs. Today's Controversies

Interesting little thought today over at Codename Revolution which touches on the availability of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker as a Genesis title on the Wii's Virtual Console, considering the King of Pop's well-documented legal brouhaha.

Arguably one of the Genesis' best titles, Jackson's stained public image makes one wonder if family-oriented Nintendo will make the title available. After all, without omitting the liscencing issues which will no doubt have a factor in determining the game's inclusion, Jackson's situation is unappealing from a business standpoint. It makes you wonder about other games which may be under the same scope.

For instance, what about Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!? Sure, Nintendo re-released the game in early 1990 with Tyson's name removed from the game and a different final boss, but anyone who owned a NES back then remembers taking Little Mac all the way to fight Tyson, and no-one else. Again, coupled with liscensing issues, Tyson's seemingly unending legal squabbles will most certainly deliver us with the Mr. Dream version of Punch-Out!!.

What other games do you think are under the gun, so to speak? And will we, the gamers, be cheated out of good games because of this situation?

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